Why should you buy your home during Navratri?


‘NAVRATRI’ the glittering festival of nine nights can often be seen being associated with the purchase of some property, whether it is commercial or the residential one. This time is considered as the ideal time to make key investments because of the belief that it brings good luck and the prosperity for the whole life ahead.

Let’s explore the advantages and the reasons why do people buy properties during these days:

  1. Attractive Deals and Offers- Home Loan Offers and discount deals are at their verge during this season. One can get the benefit of lowest interest rates along with enjoying the great offers from builders also.

Waivers of processing fees, reduction of other charges are some of the more benefits that builders offer to the investors during these days.


  1. Festive Schemes on property price- Festival season brings great property discounts which generally last for only a few days. The buyers can get the benefits during nine days of Navratri as they can get highest discounts on property deals.


  1. Auspicious Relation with the Purchase- Buying a property during Navratri is considered to bring good luck, peace and prosperity to the family living in it. This is one of the reasons for all the discounts and the hike in real estate market during these nine days. People like to make their purchase because the day itself is so auspicious that no other Mahurat timings need to be taken care of while making their deal.

What has SB in store for you this Navratri?

SB Group is giving you the chance to embrace the whole new lifestyle with its posh project SB Crystal .All you need to do is-

  • Visit the site.
  • Pick your home.
  • Book on the same day.
  • Get attractive offers.

If it is so easy, then why not make your deal on this festive season and give your dreams an auspicious beginning. Get the home with the divine blessings of Goddess Durga and fill it with opulence and prosperity.

Where to go?

SB Crystal is situated at the site which is going to be the most demanded area for real estate investments because of proposed widening of NH-24.Plot GH-02, Jaipuria Sunrise Greens, Opp. Columbia Asia Hospital, NH-24, Ghaziabad is the place to enter into this heavenly site and +91 9310002881 can be dialed for any further queries. Moreover, if you are comfortable with emails, then you can also mail your doubts and queries at info@sbhomes.in .