NH 24 – Turning your property into a hot property


Areas adjoining NH-24 which were once suspected to be having the adverse value in the market are now ready to become the most demanded real estate properties in the market.

Yes, the news is that the NH-24 in NCR is going to be widened to a 14 lane highway. This 21 Km stretch of the road is so cheerful for the buyers and sellers that everyone is now looking forward to receiving the maximum benefit from their investments.

Once blamed for frequent traffic congestions the highway has now managed pretty well to support the transactions. Let’s see the consequences of this widening on real estate market-

1.    Improved Connectivity- Connectivity will improve after the construction of Delhi-Meerut expressway which is currently in progress.

Haridwar and Dehradun will be an hour away while Meerut to Delhi distance will be even much less than an hour.

2.    Stretch will be live up to UP Gate- The eight lanes up to UP Gate will be increased to 14 lanes and further the way from UP Gate to Dasna will be extended to 8 lanes. Dasna to Meerut will experience the six-lane connectivity according to the new Expressway plan.

3.    Travelling for work will not be a nightmare anymore- Any part of Delhi-NCR will now be closer to the NH-24, and this will certainly motivate the buyers to get their homes booked in this area.

4.    Rentals and Re-sales will get a whole new scope- More comfort will bring more demand, and more demand will increase the property value. The result of which will be increased rental amounts and improved resale value of the properties.

5.    Will come up as an emerging location for the investors- As the properties in other regions of Delhi and Gurgaon are usually inaccessible to common man due to their high prices, this will be the new hope for the real estate market. Loaded with infrastructure facilities this place will be the next favourite project space to invest.

6.    Ghaziabad will emerge as Global Destination- Newsweek magazine which has already rated it as one of the top 10 Global destinations in 2006 is going to be proven right because of this progress. It will indeed bring out the real potential of the region.

7.    Equidistant quality will make it more desirable- As NH-24 is at equal distance from east, north, south and central Delhi. Hence, the residents of Ghaziabad will get the benefits of all the regions with equal access.

8.    Shared traffic load- The NH-24 widening activity will not only help in reduction of the commuting time of the travelers from Noida to Ghaziabad but will also contribute to sharing the load of traffic among the lanes.

Hence, making plans for buying the property in Ghaziabad-NCR and then executing those plans at the earliest will surely going to be the best decision of the year. It will not only increase the profit possibilities but also will save the investors and buyers from buying the same property at much higher rates after few months.

SB Group has come up with the most awaited project of the year-SB Crystal. This project is offering 2, 3&4 BHK residential flats in Jaipuria Sunrise Greens, located opposite Columbia Asia Hospital, NH-24, Ghaziabad-NCR.