5 essential documents while buying a home- Stay Informed, Stay Safe.


As the process of buying and selling a property needs lots of paperwork which includes both kind of documents- one that you need to provide and other that you need to acquire. Knowing about these required documents beforehand can save you from a lot of hassle and rush at the moment.

Here, we are mentioning about some primary documents and their usage which are required when you are dealing in the property market. Take a look-

1.   Sale Deed- Registered in the Sub- Registrar’s Office of the area where the property is located, this sale deed is the proof of transfer of rights and entitle you the ownership of the said property.

2.    No objection certificate (NOC) – This NOC is typically for the proof that there is no dispute/disagreement on the property that you are buying. You should ask this from the developer who has to acquire this from different authorities.

3.   Allotment letter- This is one of the primary document issued to the first owner of the property, stating that the authorities/developer have allotted you the described property and the amount mentioned in the letter is helpful while applying for the home loan.

4.    Payment Receipts- Payment Receipts should be acquired from the developer in originals to avoid any disputes in the near future.

5.    Builder buyer agreement- Counted as a legal contract between the builder and the buyer, this agreement lists minute details with all the terms & conditions of the deal and the property.

We hope this list of five essential documents that you need to consider while buying your dream home will help you from most of the troubles that could otherwise arise in the near future.

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