Buying a house? Get Some Tips From Our Experts.


Buying a house is one of the biggest purchase that people make in their lives and small mistakes that we ignore during this time can cost gigantic shortly. So, minute details need to be taken care of while finalizing that great deal.

Let's get some points which needs to be taken care of while buying a new flat for you:

  1. Compare the Prices

Squeeze in some info about the market prices of the real estate. So that, you do not have to regret to pay the higher price than the actual market price of that property.

  1. Make a Checklist

Making a list of the facilities and amenities that you are seeking can help you in reaching this decision better and will avoid confusion of choosing the best that suits you.

  1. Walls and Spaces

Check it personally, that the specifications given in the document and brochure are according to the actual measurements or not.

  1. Check the Fittings and Partitions

The trend of buying a ready to shift houses these days is saving us from the tensions and worries of everything get done by our own. But being a smart buyer, you should take into notice that the fittings, doors and partitions are actually present as it is mentioned in the reference document.

  1. Calculate the Complete Cost

The calculation of the total cost that may occur to the investor should be calculated beforehand. This includes adding the stamp duty, initial registration fee and other hidden charges.

  1. Legal Checking

Ensuring that the property in which you are investing your hard earned money is legal, construction on the land is approved and the person who is selling you the same is the legal beholder are very necessary to save you from getting in any future trouble.

  1. Preferred Floor

Naughty kids and old age family members generally demand low-level floors. Taking this into consideration while preparing the checklist is as necessary as any other thing.




  1. Transportation Facilities

Having nearby bus stand, metro or any other convenience for the transportation is mandatory as it will save your time and money for the whole upcoming life.

These were some of the tips that you can consider while buying your dream home. It's not always possible to get everything in one property but keeping this in mind can help you in getting the maximum benefits and minimum hassle while choosing.

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